This is One of My Most Requested Cocktails

One night as my bar was about to close, I was approached by a very snooty British Pub owner, visiting his brother in Dallas. He was here to sample the whiskey drinks at the local bars, looking for inspiration to take back to his pub in the UK.

He shared with me that night that he was unimpressed with most of the cocktails he tried. He then challenged me to come up with a drink on the spot that would truly inspire him.

That is when I crafted a drink that I had been experimenting with for a few weeks. After that first sip, he smiled and told me this was really good. He asked me the name of the drink. I said let's just call it "10 Minutes to Midnight".

Ever since then, this one-of-a kind drink has become a favorite at the Cedar Social in Dallas. And truth be known, I think there is a little Irish Pub in Manchester serving my secret recipe. ;-)

Want to learn how to make my "World-Famous" craft cocktail in the next few minutes?

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